Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Love poured out

Jill's Rose

Blossom! January 2008

Under The Sea May 2006

Waterlily May 2009

Tulips' Tantrum April 2009

Sleeping Lady Sunflower August 2009

Slickrock Archangel September 2007

Shanti Batik February 2009

October Purple October 2008

Lace Cap Hydrangea September 2008

Hydrangea Lei August 2008

Cabin Fever! April 2009

August Hydrangea July 2009

Arches of Antiquity September 2007

Anini Beach February 2007

Blue Hydrangea August 2008

Daphne's Hydrangea August 2008

Annaliese's Hydrangea August 2009

Angels from the Realms of Glory
December 2009

St. Poppy's Grange


  1. Thank You Katie. . .it's such fun to see who wants to be born of the white watercolor paper each time I sit!

  2. these are wonderful - glad I found them too. But you have lots of blogs...will take a while to view them all!